DivSeek are being establishing a number of Working Groups to actively engage DivSeek Partners in addressing issues of importance to the DivSeek community.

The Working Groups are tasked with advancing the mission and aims of DivSeek to help harness the power of crop diversity for food and nutritional security and for societal and economic benefits. Diverse working groups will seek to enable gene banks, breeders, farmers and researchers to more efficiently access and mobilize genetic variation in order to accelerate crop improvement and sustainably provide food and agricultural products to the growing human population.


Existing Working Groups

Working Group 1 - Data Standards for Interoperable Tools

Working Group 2 - Genebank Information Management System

Working Group 3 - Genomics for Genebanks

Working Group 4 - Phenotyping for Seed Diversity

Working Group 5 - Semantics for Harmonizing Trait and Agronomic Data

Working Group 6 - Translational Approaches for Minor and Underutilized Crops

Working Group 7 - FAIR Data


Participation in Working Groups is open to any DivSeek member, if you would like to join a working group please complete the application form and email it to info@divseek.org.

If you are a DivSeek partner and are interested in establishing additional working groups please contact info@divseek.org