Genomics-ready Genebank Information Management System (GIMS)

Many ‘genomics-of-genebanks’ projects have been initiated to characterize crop diversity in genebanks. These projects benefit genebanks and their users in a number of ways. But there currently is no software platform that supports the systematic genetic characterization of entire genebank collections. Briefly, such a platform should :-

  • Be aligned with workflows for managing genebank collections, preparing samples for DNA extraction, performing genotyping assays, and processing the data generated
  • Register and track with barcodes (a) batches of seeds or other propagules, (b) biological samples for DNA extraction, and (c) DNA extracts
  • Store, quality-control, and process primary sequencing data
  • Store versioned datasets of allele calls derived using clearly documented algorithms;
  • Upload relevant information to an online data repository for subsequent sharing over the Internet.

Such a Genebank Information Management System (GIMS) could be built upon and leverage to already ongoing software-development efforts that have related and mutually complementary objectives.

The main output of this working group will be to find the appropriate mechanims and funding to build a genomics ready GIMS. To achieve this the working group will prepare use cases,  assess existing software and solutions,  and based on this develop an appropriate solution(s) that will benefit DivSeek partners and the wider community.