Operational Guidelines

Any new Working Groups proposed under the DIVSEEK umbrella will be expected to submit a brief proposal to the Steering Committee describing the intent of the Working Group, and summarizing expected outputs.

The Assembly may approve the establishment or discontinuation of Working Groups at its meetings.

Between meetings of the Assembly, the Steering Committee may also approve the establishment or discontinuation of Working Groups by majority vote. The Steering Committee will report on any establishment or discontinuation of Working Groups to the Assembly with a rationale for doing so.

The Steering Committee supported by the Coordination Unit shall establish processes for reviewing the activities of the Working Groups, and recommending areas where communication and linkages could be encouraged between Working Groups to promote exchange of ideas and prevent duplication of effort.

Each Working Group shall submit reports biannually, or as otherwise required, to the Steering Committee summarizing current priorities, activities, outputs and challenges.

Each Working Group will have a chair and co chair from different DivSeek Partner organizations, who in consultation with the Working Group members, establish a meeting schedule and develop a set of activities. Participation in working groups is open to any DivSeek member. Working Groups individually or jointly may set up task teams to undertake specific projects under the direction of the Working Group(s) that have clear, time-bound and actionable deliverables.

Each working group will be expected to implement its proposed plans within 18 months of being established.

Each Working Group will be invited to provide an annual report to the Assembly. TheSteering Committee supported by the Coordination Unit will organize working group reports to the Assembly. Working group descriptions and associated reports will be made available via the DivSeek website.

Outputs prepared by Working Groups and intended for distribution to a broader, non DIVSEEK audience will be vetted by the Steering Committee, followed by discussion and endorsement by the Assembly, prior to dissemination.

The actions and outputs of the Working Groups must seek to avoid any conflict of interest that would jeopardize the integrity and independence of the DIVSEEK initiative.

If any changes to the governance structure or strategic direction/engagement of DIVSEEK are recommended by a Working Group, these recommendations require endorsement by the Partner’s Assembly prior to implementation.