Phenotyping for Genebanks

The aim of this workign group is to develop and implement technologies that enrich phenotypic information on accessions in genebanks. The objective is to (a) analyse the workflow of genebanks for options to include phenotyping steps, (b) development of specific projects to show best-practice examples how to integrate phenotyping in genebanks workflows, (c) development of concepts for specific/ extra-workflow seed/genebank material phenotyping for highly relevant traits (d) integration of phenotypic data in data pipelines in genebanks . We want to initiate workshops to identify options for workflow integration, visits of phenotyping experts in genebanks to identify options and to find easy-wins, building best-practice projects for seed/ genebanks material phenotyping, dissemination of the results; integrating phenotypic data into genebanks data repositories.

Expected outputs include

·       report and best practice example projects on integrated phenotyping in genebanks;

·       development of genebank specific devices for phenotyping

·       identify rollout scenarios for phenotyping in genebanks

·       concepts as the basis for project acquisition for genebank phenotyping