Semantics for harmonizing trait and agronomic data

This working group (WG) seeks to establish best practices for harmonizing data and metadata using trait dictionaries, thesauri and ontologies and support knowledge exchange among DivSeek partners. The objectives are to 1) identify and prioritize the needs of Communities Of Practice (COPs) for a common set of terms, 2) identify minimum semantics requirements for collecting, sharing and exchanging phenotype data, 3) in collaboration with other WGs propose validated guidelines and best practices for supporting non-ontology experts to contribute their variables, controlled vocabularies, participate in their maintenance and make best use of these resources for data capture and annotation, 4) support the DivSeek Coordination Unit and partners in lobbying for the creation of suitable funding opportunities and development of collaborations. WG Activities include a survey of the existing landscape based on two case studies, validating existing methodologies and trait models, and community engagement.

Expected outputs include:

  • Tutorials or guidelines for the development and use by non-experts of semantic standards.
  • Test results of the Cookbook of the RDA Wheat Data Interoperability WG.
  • Meetings targeting communities concerned with data harmonization.
  • Publish validated controlled vocabularies and resulting ontologies, trait dictionaries.
  • First version of Bambara groundnut Trait Dictionary and documentation on findings on knowledge sharing.