Data Standards for Interoperable Tools

This Working Group (WG) will promote best practice in data sharing through the development and use of open and interoperable software powered by the adoption of open standards, i.e. programmatic interoperability standards (APIs), controlled vocabularies, trait dictionaries, metadata standards, and ontologies. Working with the DivSeek partners this WG aims to highlight gaps in interoperability that impede workflows important to the communities supported by DivSeek partners by liaising with other research developments, working groups, and consortia with relevance to DivSeek. The WG will also interacting with communities around projects such as, but not limited to, the Wheat Initiative, Research Data Alliance, ELIXIR, The Genomic and Open Source Breeding Informatics Initiative (GOBII), Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), Breeding API (BRAPI), and the Integrated Breeding Platform/Breeding Management System, we will educate and train data generators about standards and the tools and resources that use them, in order to promote and foster standards-compliance for long-term open data stewardship.

Expected outputs include:

  • Guidance and documentation on currently available data resources, i.e. infrastructures and tools, that support the use of standards for data description, access, and sharing
  • Technical diagrams and supporting documentation on the use of, and how to operate interactions between, interoperable resources
  • Workshops targeting specific communities concerned with improving processes involving data management (e.g. genebanks), data generation (e.g. sequence/genotype/phenotype providers), and tool development, in conjunction with other DivSeek Working Groups