Translational approaches and tools for minor and underutilized crops

Of the 7000 species which have been used by humans during history, a very limited number currently dominant human agriculture and, particularly, food production. With the three major cereal crops, rice (wheat and maize) producing around 60% of all plant-based calories consumed on the planet, many other species which could be used for a more resilient and diverse agriculture are effectively neglected and receive limited research attention.

The main objectives of the working group is to bring a team together that can address the following:          

1. Translation tools for use between species analysis:

·       What is needed?

·       How can the bioinformatics be multi-layered and what should the anchors be?

Traits and Gene Function?

Gene Network?


Genetic location?

2. Common trait/research/breeding ontologies:

·       How generic is an ontology and how much modification is need for each species?

3. Develop information complexes for a range of related species and how does multi-species translation work/look?

The expected outputs of the Working Group are intended to facilitate use of data and tools across the species boundaries and particular from model plants and major crops to the many potential new and minor crops.